Each morning
My soul is filled with wonder
That of all the warmth in the world
It is my arms you seek.

Poem by Jessica Grace Sparks

somewhere between

Somewhere between
good morning and goodnight,
I found you.

And somehow,
even though you had
a future already imagined,
you wanted to create one with me.

I think we must have looked
at the night sky,
and seen the same stars.

Poem by Jessica Grace Sparks

Empty Sheets

James Abbott McNeill Whistler
Art by James Abbott McNeill Whistler

I don’t know what to do with this.
I have no tangible thing to keep you in,
no keepsake, no box, no case.
You exist in the space that you left,
void and seared in my memory.
When I close my eyes,
I see the freckles of your back,
constellations and roads I would travel down,
my hands and mouth,
adventures for only you and me.
And now as I lay in the sheets,
(still twisted by your body)
I can almost feel your fingertips
and the warmth of your breath on my neck

Laying in these empty sheets, I realize
You are not here and your absence haunts me.

Poem by Jessica Grace Sparks