somewhere between

Somewhere between good morning and goodnight, I found you. And somehow, even though you had a future already imagined, you wanted to create one with me. I think we must have looked at the night sky, and seen the same stars. Poem by J. Grace

She is Courage

She is not a bag or a box To be shoved in a corner Or placed on a shelf She is insecurity She is imagination She is as strong as she is emotional She is a tender heart That needs to be held Not hidden Let her out She cannot grow into Courage if sheContinue reading “She is Courage”


My home is a cabin on the edge of a current, between the shore and the mountains, guarded by tall, frightening trees green with life and loving. My home is a cabin with steps leading up from the barnacles bestrewed on the rocks visited by small crabs with little claws and my feet with littleContinue reading “home”