The Stars

Do you also look up
at the stars, dear friend,
and wonder?


What can we do
but live
and make what short time
we have
lasting and bright.


Maybe the stars look down on us
and wonder, too.

Poem by Jessica Grace Sparks


Like my mother before me,
I was made to create.
And only I decide
What kind of beauty
I will imagine.

Poem by Jessica Grace Sparks

She is Courage

She is not a bag or a box
To be shoved in a corner
Or placed on a shelf

She is insecurity
She is imagination
She is as strong
as she is emotional

She is a tender heart
That needs to be held
Not hidden

Let her out

She cannot grow into
Courage if she is not watered
With love.

Poem by Jessica Grace Sparks

This is one of those early morning poems that wake you up needing to be freed. We all have those little insecurities and quirks that just need our own acceptance before they can grow into our strengths. Whatever fear or part of yourself that you hide – stop. Don’t keep one bit of your brilliance hidden. Human beings are much too interesting to be perfect, and you are the sum of every imperfect thought, clumsily speech, heartbreak, and scar. Let the world see you.