Into the Earth

“Secret of the Rose” by Christian Schloe

He watched me dance.
I touched his eyes as they
stepped further into my soul;
the doorway closed to those
who wait for the lock to break.
Barging in, taking away my pain,
he drove his misery into me,
deep down, under my skin,
I could tell my little secrets.

Shh, don’t let them hear my love

You waited for me to come down,
the sky told you to fly away,
but all you could do was cry.
I was already gone, into the earth.

Poem by Poem by J. Grace

Published by Jessica Buck

Librarian (MLIS). BA in English & Renaissance Studies from UCSB. Poet, coffee drinker, Austen reader, book lover, and total geek: Star Wars, Doctor Who, Firefly, Harry Potter, etc.

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